John Richman


Robin Nigro

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, one of Kansas City’s perennial finest female athletes, Robin didn’t take up golf until she was 23. Yet, within two years she was playing the Futures Mini Tour. She qualified for the Women’s U.S. Open in 1993, qualified twice for the finals of the LPGA qualifying school and finished fifth out of 200 contestants in 1996. Robin enjoyed the competition but not being away from home, which is why she’s devoted her time to being the best golf instructor she can be.


Mark Nigro

One of Kansas City’s most popular golf instructors, Mark provides over 1300 lessons a year from his base at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy. Just how good is Mark? Well, it was Mark who taught Robin who, shortly after, qualified for the U.S. Open and made it to the finals of the LPGA Q-School after only five years of playing golf.


Chris Cone

Chris Cone has been in the business of golf for 15-years. His background includes everything from equipment sales to club fitting to working as an assistant pro at several different courses and clubs in the Kansas City area.

Five of his ‘years in the business’ have been spent here at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy. Under the tutelage of both Robin and Mark Nigro, Chris has matured into an excellent instructor who stresses the fundamentals of grip, set-up, posture and ball position. Time spent with Chris will result in a pure, natural golf swing.


Darrek Dubsky

Darrek Dubsky is a Teaching Professional at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy.

Keenan Richcreek